Environmental management

Itello has been working continuously with environmental work as part of our daily activites. We look at our environmental management system as a very important part of our entire management system and has integrated it with all other management systems at the company. Our environmental management system is based on the basic elements of ISO 14 001 and is based on the work conducted being focused on continuous improvement in environmental improvement measures and documentation.
Our environmental management system
Itello conducted a Stakeholder analysis and an environmental study where environmental aspects and impacts was identified. We have also considered the current legal requirements. Within the framework of the environmental management system, we have formulated goals and metrics, environmental policy, rules, guidelines and instructions, established an environmental organization and a system for reporting and monitoring. We work with annual audits and action plans. A list of activities relevant legislation has been prepared as well as a list of chemicals used, and a plan for emergency preparedness.
The company’s environmental goals is formulated in power consumption, climate neutrality, computer use and training.
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