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Our employees


Our customers are Sweden's leading insurance companies - they have many challenges and many opportunities, the people at Itello and our industry-leading technology helps them to master the situation.

Itello as a company is a value-driven company at its core; in all, we do our work is defined by our values.

We are passionate predecessors. We are no followers. When we need to, we have the courage to seek unpaved paths that lead to new and better solutions for our customers.

Success is achieved through cooperation. By understanding our customers' business, we can identify their needs and create opportunities. This is done through close cooperation between colleagues, together with customers and our partners.

Future-proof quality is imperative. Our customers work with processes and client relations that stretches throughout an entire lifetime. We are therefore a very long-term partner to our customers. We understand the customer's complex reality and the importance of an overall perspective. We are constantly evolving - in different areas and at all levels.

Our customers' challenges and opportunities set high demands on our skills and knowledge - both in terms of experience from the insurance industry and deep understanding of IT - but also how we create effective and successful teams.

We speak customers' language; it is a prerequisite for us to understand each other really well. We combine a variety of different skills in customer-centric teams, which may include actuaries, application experts, project managers, product owners or developers.

We provide major customer implementation programs and/or as individual experts in shorter projects with customers. Our employees are positive, motivated and qualified, which comes from both experience and school.  It creates a flexible, competent organisation that can meet customer needs no matter what they are. The future becomes what we make of it.

At Itello our personnel takes responsibility for the entire development process of our solutions – from business development to operations and management. This comprehensive approach comes with significant requirements on both us as a company and our employees. It requires broad knowledge and experience of the technologies and methods we work with. It also requires us to be innovators while we must also preserve our structure and discipline in what we develop.

Life insurance and savings are by their very nature long-term, even life-long. The requirements we have to meet both in the way we develop our software and in our work on matters issues related to our own work environment, health and well-being.

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