Information Security


Itello has always put information security high on the agenda. Since a few years, our work and thoughts formalized in a framework based on ISO 27001. For us, Information security is much more than IT security. We take precautions of how information is processed, distributed and retained through mouth and hand.
The three Information security pillars are:
– Privacy / Confidentiality – not disseminating information incorrectly,
– Accuracy / Integrity – trust that the information you get is accurate
– Availability / Availability – to access information when it is needed
Often referred to as the CIA triangle.

The three pillars of information security

Itello managements intentions and objectives are described in the policy document for information. This document sets out the scope, overall goals, responsibilities and how the objectives will be ensured. In addition to these governing documents, we have developed an accessible guide. All Itello employees and contractors have received basic training in Information Security. This training is part of Itello training programs for new employees.

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