New research on long-term company collaboration

The Strategic Partnership

In our 10/11 Annual Report, we describe the benefits of long-term partnerships. Camilla Larsson, Head of Business and Operations Support at AMF spoke about the cooperation with Itello from their own and their customers’ point of view.

When starting to cooperate, the conditions for working in the long term should be created. Like marriage. And it does a lot too, the majority of collaborations last for a long time. Businesses should therefore focus on long-term partnerships rather than squeezing costs in the short term in situations where providers are strategic and the cooperation is complex. So it’s about seeing where it is possible to split up the business and seeing which parts someone else can do.

Why should a privately-employed blue-collar worker move his or her insurance in one way and a privately employed salary worker do so in another way? And why does one election centre work according to one particular technical standard, while the other works in a completely different way. It is inefficient and illogical. For AMF it means extra costs for development just to maintain contact with the different systems. And in the end it affects the customer in the form of costs or slow administration. It is a trend that is going in the wrong direction.

Camilla emphasised that a long-term perspective is required regarding standards and that the entire industry should gain from a common interface and standards that mean that the company and the election centre can communicate.

Lars Mårtensson is Director of Cordial Business Advisers, a company specialising in management advice, which works on developing companies’ business models and business processes. In our Annual Report he talks about partnership:

AMF and Itello have together become a forerunner on how a partnership can work. The partnership is based on much more than just buying a licence for a business system. As part of the deal there is also a mutual interest in supporting further development.  Nor is there any fear of other competing companies using Itello and Inca. AMF want a standard solution and see the advantages of it.