Sweden and Norway in top – Global Age Watch Index Report

The Nordic Long Term Savings Market

The Global AgeWatch Index is the first-ever overview of the wellbeing of older people around the world.

As the number and proportion of older people increases at an unprecedented rate, this ground-breaking report illustrates how the world is adapting to this new reality by ranking more than 90 countries in terms of how their older populations are faring.The global population is growing older, thanks to improved diets, better sanitation, medical advances and greater prosperity, as well as falling birth rates. Such is the pace of change that, by 2050, the older generation will outnumber those under 15. These demographic changes are now progressing fastest in the developing world which, in the space of a generation, will be home to eight out of ten of the world’s older people. We cannot afford to waste their experience and expertise.

The countries that rank at the top are the three Nordic countries – Sweden (1), Norway (2) and Iceland (9) – as well as another three countries from Western Europe – Germany (3), the Netherlands (4) and Switzerland (6) – and two countries of North America – Canada (5) and the United States (8) – and Japan (10). 
Will this affect teh way we administrate life insurance policies, the product needed to provid appropriate cover, and handle the longlivity risk in the raditional life insurance products? We believe so. What can other countries learn from the Nordic contries? Stay tuned at Itello Insights!

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