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Expert underwriting

A rewarding customer sales experience

Why is acquiring a life insurance a daunting task when every else i available online? Read more →

The Nordic Accident & Health insurance market

Seven Benefits of Automated Underwriting

While great strides in life underwriting automation have occurred, insurers have been slow to acknowledge its potential. Read more →

Expert underwriting

Why defining the underwriting process meets the needs and the business

Since the introduction of expert underwriting engines there has been plenty of time for the market to be saturated with solutions, but strangely enough this is not the case. Read more →

Expert underwriting

Where the automated solution meets the business

To be at the forefront of today’s fast moving insurance industry, it has become a number one priority for aggregators and life insurance companies to create a user friendly and reliable tool for automated on-line underwriting Read more →

Expert underwriting

What is good for the underwriters is good for companies

Why do many life insurance companies still play an slow ping pong match when it comes to risk assessment? Read more →

The Nordic Accident & Health insurance market

Digital Underwriting – is the future already here?

Insurance brands have long known that their products are considered grudge purchases with huge inconveniences and little added benefit. Until now. Read more →

The Nordic Accident & Health insurance market

Digital interactions change the scene for the life insurers

The importance of digital channels is rising, especially among the younger age brackets. Within the next five years, insurers expect nearly a third of their business to be generated from digital channels. What to know more? Read more →

Den Nordiska marknaden

Disruptive Innovation Ahead

At the World economic Forum – WEF 2014, in Davos this spring, technological innovation and disruption was a big theme. We think the digitalisation will hit the life industry as well! Read more →

The Nordic Accident & Health insurance market

Time for an entirely new way to manage health declarations?

The market for medical care insurance is wrestling with the profitability problem, we understand from a headline for a seminar on medical care insurance in Stockholm in mid May. But is it reasonable that a health declaration will cost between SEK 500 and SEK 900 to process? With the payment to a life insurance broker a customer relation starts with a couple of thousand of Swedish crowns in costs. Read more →

The Nordic Accident & Health insurance market

The number of healthcare insurances is growing

The market for healthcare insurance increases. Primarily it is the employers who take greater responsibility for their employees. Now we see that many associations also want to strengthen their relationship with members by offering insurance. But the need for risk assessment data from health claims create confusion and unnecessarily high costs that pulls down the result. Read more →