Our customers operate in a very complex world with many different players and constant information exchanges. The requirements for safety and industry standards are high. We, therefore, deliver a large number of industry integrations for our customers. We also ensure that these integrations work in future releases or when changing industry standards.

Examples of these are:

In addition, we integrate our solutions with many different other standard solutions on the Nordic market, such as:
Accounting system: eg Unit4 (Agresso), Navision, Raindance, SAP, Visma
CRM system: eg, Microsoft CRM
File, Document and Print Management: For example, OpenText, Papyrus, IBM OnDemand
Integration platforms: IBM Websphere
Advice system: Visi
DataWarehouse & Analytics: Qlickview, SAS Institute, MoSes by WillisTowersWatson

You can also integrate your proprietary applications and other minor applications with our products in a variety of ways.

In Inca there are close to 500 web services that you can use in portals for customers, partners or employees to create your own dialogues in your user interface.

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