Itello supports the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

Sustainable development is important for us at Itello! We work daily with initiatives for our society and for the environment by combining structural and individual measures to reduce our environmental footprint. During 2020, we have for example switched entirely to renewable electricity; started using water taps (that save up to 80% water) and improved the management of our orders to minimize food waste. 

Furthermore, we are proud to have renewed our support for the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Sweden's largest environmental organization. It’s an organization that spreads knowledge, maps environmental threats, presents solutions and influences decision makers - locally, nationally and globally. Climate, forests, environmental toxins, seas, lakes and streams as well as agriculture are the essential working areas. In addition, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation is behind “Bra Miljöval” (a Good Environmental Choice label) and they also work for sustainable consumption. 

Our support for 2021 goes to the area of Climate, Energy and Transportation.

  • January 13, 2021