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Trophy of the Year 2017 - here are the nominees

The team from AMF  -winner of Trophy of the Years 2016

This year's summer pub on May 31, we will reveal who will be the winner of this year's Trophy of the Year 2017!

Itello highlights the customer projects we conducted with our customers, which create more efficient administrative processes, lower costs and raise quality.

Thru the prize Trophy of the Year, we want to draw attention to the people in the customer projects and the results of their ability to carry out the tasks. The customer projects show a wide range of assignments and competences for our employees and functionality in our products, but above all, our clients are faced with challenging projects.

In the beginning of 2018, the nomination committee reviewed the projects we have carried out with our customers in 2017. Large or small didn't matter, the only requisite was that it has to add customer value. All of our projects can qualify. The criteria are that the projects have created a large customer value, have economic positive effects as well as being in production or implemented in 2017. Here are the nominees:

Folksam - Innovative testing automation provides future-guaranteed quality and security

In an environment with increased expectations for faster delivery cycles, transparency and cost pressures, the need for testing efficiency increases.

By automating selected test streams, we have both released time for critical business resources and increased quality through higher test coverage and the ability to run repeatable automatic acceptance tests.

The keys to the successful project were close collaboration between the customer and Itello and a joint work with frequent reconciliation and demos to ensure that the solution is in line with the requirements of customer. Itello, together with the customer, has created a platform that the customer can continue to use to expand their tests in line with new functionality, increased insurance products and increased policies.

SPP - Efficient fundraising creates completely new opportunities

An increasing number of savers choose index funds with really low fees and interest funds are pressured by the prevailing low interest rate position. In addition, contracts in the contractual pension sector require really good asset-base solutions and opportunities for reallocation between different assets. Add different digital services that provide individual placement profiles and require automatic fund switching.

In other words, it is a whole new prerequisite for the new-time fund-market solutions, where automation is a prerequisite for reducing operational risks and a prerequisite for continued digitization to meet the future as a winner.

By putting together a project team with very different personalities and competencies, we created the implementing power required to stop doing as we did and start doing new. The result is more efficient fund trading and a platform that creates opportunities for developing new offers that create customer value.

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  • April 7, 2018