Benefit like Folksam does from an
industry-wide system for Nordic life insurance industry

In a complex and changing world, analytical skill and thorough understanding of your business challenges are required. As all players in the industry are facing the same challenges, it makes sense to share the cost of an efficient policy administration and benefit from the expertise our professionals have. We offer all our customers this through our industry-wide system for policy administration – Inca. It is the new way of Insurance Contract Administration. Improving your business is the starting point of all our efforts preparing our customers to tackle their challenges.

“We've had a history of asking for too much flexibility and saying we're a unique company and therefore we need unique solutions. I do not think that is the case.”

Jens Henriksson CEO/Folksam

Benefits that translate to a sustainable strategy

The five key benefits and more of an industry wide system, forms a sustainable strategy for your future. From now on you can focus on what really matters – your customers and transforming your business to utilize the potential in the opportunities the digitalisation creates. 
No hassle on which way to take to the future.

Itello - setting a whole new standard for the industry-wide life insurance industry.

Make transformation happen now

Increase the interactivity in many dimensions

Systematic knowledge becomes wisdom

Giving you the required control

Keeping low costs in a connected world is a necessity

Customer stories

Future ensured Mutual fund trading

Mutual fund trading is undergoing a rapid and dramatic transformation. Increased demands, increased speed and price pressure implies both efficiency and speed to emerge as a winner. Within SPP, automation and digitalization are high on the agenda. As a start-off, they replaced the former fund trading system with Inca, creating a flexible and a future-proof engine for their fund distribution. Through the migration to Inca, SPP has created the prerequisites for a fund market that is easily accessible, automated and focused on offering a long-term customer value.

Jump to modern platform

How do you move five million pension insurance with a variety of different conditions? With the simplicity of an iPhone as a model, the company put together the individual customer's various insurance policies and gave them the latest and best conditions on the purchase. Then moved from the old mainframe system to a modern IT platform from Itello. Good planning, trust to the participants and genres enabled the fast-paced implementation. The result: clarity and halved fees for customers, and simpler administration of AMF.

The Mirror Effect

Can you really take things out of your drawer and leave them there at the same time? Yes, you can! Folksam used to have insurance products that required manual handling of outgoing payments. As the number of processed payments increased, the workload became too time consuming and costly. To increase speed and efficiency as well as customer satisfaction Folksam chose to use Inca for mirroring outgoing payments.

As a result, all the insurance policies could remain in the old system but be mirrored in the new and more user-friendly system for outgoing payments. This made administration faster, smoother and cheaper!

Live switch of system environments

Swedbank Life Insurance wanted to secure their system solutions and simultaneously decrease costs for system operations and management, IT environments, insurance administration and quality assurance. The chosen solution was to merge three legacy systems into one - Itello’s Inca. The demanding requirements and the need for secure handling of sensitive information, as well as the fact the migration had to be carried out amidst ongoing operations and be seamless and unnoticeable to customers made this a very challenging project. The result was nothing short of a work of art and today the insurances are administrated in a single system with high efficiency and security.

The Pilot project that went to the sky

The challenges were many and time was short when Folksam kicked off the project. The volumes of information were large and inefficient and laborious structures and routines needed to be replaced. Thanks to an aggressive and focused project plan, Folksam managed not only to receive and place premium payments more efficiently but also to create a new line of business. The project is a perfect example of how the use of Inca can enable a business reach new cruising altitude and land with easier daily operations for the users.

Pension for All

AMF was looking to replace their system for the administration of insurance products. The goal was to offer their 4 million customers more flexible and cost efficient solutions for future procurements and affiliations to collectively negotiated pension solutions. By moving over to Itello’s Inca, AMF was able to offer the members of the collectively negotiated pension area for employers of the Swedish government; PA03, both unit-linked as well as traditionally managed insurance products, and the implementation was seamless to AMF customers. This success story was built on results oriented teamwork and a high degree of creativity. With the strong base that was created, AMF has been able to enter into all important procurements and affiliations in the area of collectively negotiated pensions.

From go to goal in six months

Brummer & Partners was looking for a cost efficient and easy to use insurance solution that provided complete transparency and short lead times for all parties involved. In addition, the ability to show solid deliverables with clear yearly statements to employees as well as employers was a main prerequisite.

Using Incas’s standardised components and modern architecture, and with dedicated teams with clear goals to create genuine value for customers, Brummer & Partners found themselves in pole position, on time. Starting from a White Paper, we were together able to establish an insurance company with precise solutions for complex administrative processes within six months. A process that normally takes at least two years!

Efficient Nordic Alliance

Nordnet has pension operations in Sweden Norway and Denmark. To further increase its efficiency, Nordnet wanted to centralize all pensions and insurance products into one system. Sounds easy in theory but it is much more complicated in practice. Several administrative entities needed to be handled in the same system with each being subjected to different rules and regulations depending upon which country.

With all the prerequisites already built into the system, Inca was chosen, resulting in Nordnet now running the first multinational solution on the Inca platform.


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