Brummer & Partners chooses Itello as IT system provider

Brummer & Partners and Itello have entered an agreement which relates to delivery and implementation of itello’s standard system Inca. The collaboration will ensure an effective administrative platform which supports Brummer & Partners’s ambition to focus on pension procurements by offering good risk-adjusted returns. Brummer & Partners currently has just over 2,000 customers and around 2 billion in managed insurance capital in a white-label deal with Folksam.

”We are very satisfied that Brummer & Partners chose Itello as providers”, says Jan Hedestam, Sales and Marketing Manager at Itello. Both Itello and Brummer & Partners are contenders to established players and specialists in our respective areas, with the goal of offering the best to our customers within long-term savings.

Brummer & Partners will go into production in spring 2011 relating to their getting their concession. It takes place through a transfer of portofolios and migration of the capital which is currently in Folksam Fondförsäkring to the newly-started company. The migration creates special conditions for the implementation of the new administration platform.

Brummer & Partners are also one of Itello’s customers who focus on the supplementary pensions market. No matter whether the insurance company sells the supplementary occupational pension via brokers, their bank accounts, their own sales force or internet portals so the basis of the company’s profitability is to have an efficient distribution and administration.

Brummer & Partners are also a good example of the broken value chain since Bliwa Försäkring will insure premium exemption, sickness and survivors' pensions for Brummer & PArtners’s pension customers. Brummer & Partners also chooses to implement Itello’s fund marketplace solution in Inca. In spring 2011 ten of Brummer & Partners own funds and 40 externally managed index funds will be handled in Inca.

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