Itello – Gazelle company for third year in a row!

Itello has been awarded Gazelle status by Dagens Industri, and therefore rated as one of the fastest growing companies in Sweden. It is always nice to be recognised for a performance. We see the growth as a result of the work we have done for our customers concerning administration of long-term savings. The players face many and large challenges which place demands both on changing the business models and having an administrative support for new deals, distribution channels and the new income models. The industry shift between banking and insurance and to some extent the fund managers began twenty years ago and progresses with increasing strength.

Itello has since 2003 developed the offering from administration exclusively of personal insurance to administration of long-term savings whether this involves pension savings, occupational pensions, index-linked and capital insurances, IPS or investment savings accounts. We are of the opinion that there are big synergies in the processes for administering the different forms of savings and we are convinced that there will be a need for more efficient administration of long-term savings. It is our customers who made the growth possible and we see considerable continued interest from more and more players in the industry.

This is the third year in a row that Itello has been awarded Gazelle status. The fact that we also managed to receive with the highest possible credit rating from UC and from Soliditet is something we believe is rare in the IT industry.

Itello therefore also meets the criteria set for a Gazelle by:

  • having published at least four Annual Reports
  • having a turnover that exceeds SEK 10 million
  • having at least 10 employees
  • continuously increasing turnover in the last three years
  • during the same period has at least doubled its turnover
  • having a collected operating result for the four financial years which is positive
  • having as in all respects grown organically, not through acquisitions or mergers
  • having sound finances 

  • December 1, 2011