AMF speaks about the benefits of Inca in Computer Sweden

Camilla Larsson, Head of Business and Operational Support at AMF Pension, talks  about the investment in and benefits of Otello’s business system Inca and industry-common processes in Computer Sweden (15 March 2011). She is of the opinion that the whole pensions industry must do away with old working methods, bury the old self-developed systems and invest in a standard system. Camilla emphasises the importance of buying the experiences of others and sharing the development costs.

-The problem is that many start from seeing themselves as special and having their own in-house system. But in order to achieve economies of scale we must invest in a common platform, says Camilla.

With Inca as a business system AMF’s opportunities increase to cheaply and securely develop new offerings within traditional insurance. If you want to know more about AMF’s strategy to make use of modern technology and the standard system Inca, read the whole article in Computer Sweden.

  • March 17, 2011