Inca 12.3 – soon in production at all of our customers

During November and December our customers are going into production with this year’s second release of Inca. The biggest news in this release is the Payment Engine. Our Product Manager at Itello says:

Earlier functionality has been redesigned from the ground up. With the new Payment Engine we can offer our customers more efficient administration of large volumes of payments and payment agreements. This creates the preconditions for handling all of the different payments in one and the same system and completely automatically. Even special cases like returns, recoveries, recalculations and backups, which our customers previously needed to handle manually outside the system, can now be managed in the Payment Engine.”

Inca is in connection with release 12.3 designed to handle over 600,000 payments each month. Much effort has therefore been invested in improving the performance for payments in Inca, in order to automate the flows that are created related to payments. Processes and systems surrounding the payment have been upgraded to handle larger volumes and quantities of information.

Another major development area in 12.3 has been the regulatory framework for the handling of national identification numbers in Inca. Our Pruduct Manager explains:

“The selection centres such as Collectum often use fictitious national identification numbers. Sometimes the same numbers are re-used. Now our customers can correctly handle and change national identification numbers even fictitious numbers via selection centres with traceability in the national identification number management. This is a big step towards making Inca a master of personal information in Sweden.”

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  • November 28, 2012