Inca 12.1 – now in production for all of our customers

During Week 24 all of our customers will be in production with Release 12.1 of Inca. It is one of two major planned releases during 2012. In the release we have ensured that data in Inca is transparent and maintains the right status in the process. This is important for our customers in their work on meeting the requirements in Solvens 2. They can already now begin to create reports based on data in Inca.

Inca 12.3 is the second major planned release by Inca 2012. It focuses on the Payment Engine. As the number of payments in Inca increases, the requirement for a robust payment engine increases. Many players today have several systems for handling payments; with the payment engine we can now offer customers the possibility of having Inca as the only system for payments. It simplifies the administration and reduces the system costs. Challenges that in many cases require manual resources can now be handled automatically.

Another innovation in 12.3 is opportunities to use information and premium calculations in Inca to generate quotes. Now our customers can automate the entire administrative process around new subscriptions.

  • June 11, 2012