Inca 13.1 in production

Over the coming weeks our customers are putting release 13.1 of Inca into production. It is the first of our four releases this year. The areas we developed the most for this main release relate to:

  • Management of contracted pension premiums via Collectum, an election centre in Sweden
  • Continued development of the Payment Engine.

With release 13.1 our customers can more simply manage, among other things, transfer of traditional insurances. They can also automate the management of larger volumes to a greater extent. Alexandra Peretic is Product Owner at Itello and explains why focus is placed on improving the administration of insurance agreements for the premiums that come via Collectum:

“There is a need for general changes and improvements before the new procurement of ITP and ITPK and the new agreement which comes into force halfway through 2013. Two of our customers, AMF and Swedbank, are selectable and have big volumes within ITP.”

Our latest big release Inca 12.3 contains Payment Engine. We rebuilt the payment engine from the ground. Now we are creating even better conditions for our customers to manage all the various payments in one and the same system entirely automatically. In this way, the payment functionality can be replaced in another insurance system and the operation consolidated in Inca. Now it is also possible to specify alternative payment receivers in the payment agreement, which simplifies payments to Enforcement Authority (Kronofogden) and The National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialtjänsten). In order to increase security in Inca it is now possible to require the approval of payments so that payments are seen by two pairs of eyes before leaving the insurance company. Furthermore, a new feature is that payments can be made by cheque to a foreign resident.

Within the area of system operations Inca’s queue and event management have been reviewed to reduce queue situations that may arise and improved management when selections arise. Erik Jakobsson, Product Owner, describes improvements which have been made within Inca’s batch management:

“In Inca 13.1we have introduced improved options to monitor and control batch processing. Now it is possible to classify errors that arise more clearly. So it is now easier to distinguish and identify errors that require immediate action from errors that can be handled when needed.”

  • May 20, 2013