New features of Inca 14.3

Inca release 14.3, which is the second of two big releases this year, contains a number of development areas.

Pension plans
I 14.3 introduces liquidity selection, which means that Inca is fully reconcilable with the insurance company’s bank accounts. Reconciliation takes places completely automatically, and provides accounting which is accurate in relation to the company’s different bank accounts. This means a faster financial reporting process, simpler reconciliation, reduced internal administration and increased control.

Customer compensation
Inca has also introduced a new feature to clarify customer compensation, both in cases when the insurance company compensates the customer and when an external party pays the compensation. This means simpler processing and improved transparency in customer communications.

Cash handling
Inca’s cash handling is delivered in 14.3 as a package, which includes fund offering objects. It is a new concept in order to easily package, administer and manage fund offerings and which can be used for different business offerings, customer categories or other arrangements. With the fund offering object Inca’s data model opens up possibilities to link fund offerings to different business objects in Inca. I 14.3 introduces the ability to link offerings of procurements, pension plans or individual insurances.

  • November 15, 2014