Inca 14.1 in production

This release has focused on increased and improved functionality in two areas:

  • Swedish occupational pension administrated via election centrals
  • Quotation Management

The new procurement process (accession) for occupational pensions within SAF- LO resulted in new needs of functionality in Inca, especially handling the administration fees relating to the right of transfer from one insurance company to another. The pension company and our customer AMF is continuously the default alternative for those not electing any insurance company.

AMF speaks about the benefits of Inca in Computer Sweden

Existing functionality in Inca has also been enhanced by improved case management facilitating administration of cases easier and more efficient.

Within the occupational pension agreement KAP-KL the big new thing is the right of transfer to another insurance company, that function is now supported entirely by the Inca.

In addition to that, support for feedback reporting from the election central Collectum according to I242 has been implemented.

In our focus on the occupational pension area, we have expanded the functionality for handling quotations, which means that the administration is simplified. Now it is possible to provide customers various alternative quotes without having to register the information multiple times. It is also simpler to make any changes in an existing quote before it is accepted.

To meet demands for increased transparency, we have improved and expanded the information available for printing both digitally via the Inca Web Services and physically on paper

A portion of every release is devoted to proactive management to ensure that the product Inca remains long term maintainable and can meet the increasing demands for performance and handling as our customers’ growing insurance portfolio sets . In Inca 14.1, we have in particular made improvements in the area of pension plan administration as well as performance improvements for handling large payment files and in the integration solution in Inca.

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  • May 27, 2014