AAA to Itello for the eighth year in a row

Itello has for the eighth year in a row received the highest credit rating AAA credit rating company Bisnode. “This shows that we have a business model that works and provides stability and security for both our employees and our customers.

Our customers’ business is by nature long term, therefore, it is highly relevant to our business model and operations are long term in nature. Our repeated AAA rating we see as evidence that we are on the right track. “Says Per Agélii CEO of Itelllo. Of Sweden’s approximately 490 000 limited companies are now only 5356 – just over 1 percent earned AAA as many years in a row as Itello.

It provides a perspective on our history and that our motto “The future becomes what we make of it.” applies in the highest degree.

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  • November 28, 2016