Itello’s business is now environmentally certified according to ISO 14001


Today, Itello was environmental certified according to ISO 14001, which demonstrates that our environmental work is systematic and meets all the demands placed on our entire business.

“ISO certification is proof that there is the knowledge, resources, motivation and ambition to work with environmental issues at Itello” says Per Agélii, CEO of Itello.

“Our customers are Sweden’s largest insurance and pension companies, for many years they have been at the forefront of providing an economic and sustainable society. It is therefore particularly gratifying to be able to show them that our environmental efforts are now certified. It strengthens our position as a supplier in the industry. The future becomes what we make of it, concludes Per Agélii.

The last step in the certification process was taken in October when environmental auditors visited our workplace and checked our environmental management system while also interviewing staff. The auditors were impressed by our holistic approach and the commitment of staff.

A vivid example of how we work with such sustainability issues is when we replaced our banners in the office. A nursery school received the canvasses and the children created with their imaginations a story about human equality.

Environmental certification means that a business tests whether their way of working for a better environment meets the requirements of ISO 14001, which are established by the standardisation body called ISO. The basis for being certified is to have implemented an environmental management system, e.g. a system to organise and manage systematic environmental work.

  • December 9, 2016