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Nordea Liv & Pension renews its occupational pension line with help from Itello

Nordea Liv & Pension Sweden is in an offensive business development phase within the occupational pension business line, with innovative thinking in several areas. An important part of the renewal is Nordea's choice of Itello's industry-leading product Inca to modernise parts of its IT support.

Since 2007, Nordea has been using Inca for its invoice and in-payment functions. The new multi-year agreement with Itello gives Nordea Liv & Pension access to all standard functions in Inca. The agreement also includes Itello's services to support the implementation. The project will take place in stages and has already started.

"We will grow strongly in the business line for occupational pensions, which will put high demands on our offerings, digitization and process efficiency. To be able to do that, it is important to have a flexible standard system in place in the coming years. This will be possible with the enhanced cooperation with Itello, "says Johan Nystedt, CEO Nordea Liv & Pension.

"We have a long relationship together. The new project offers Itello an exciting commitment and significantly enhanced trust to support Nordea Liv & Pension's further business development. We are convinced that we are equipped to support Nordea Liv & Pension's ambitious initiatives as a forerunner in the industry. "Says Per Agélii, CEO of Itello.

About Nordea Liv & Pension Sweden

Nordea Liv & Pension offers insurance solutions for personal security, corporate as well individual.  Our insurance offerings include solutions for financial support in the event of unemployment, illness, accident, and death. The savings products support the customers with their long-term savings plans. In the corporate market, we also offer services in preventive healthcare and rehabilitation. Nordea Liv & Pension in Sweden has more than 200 employees and nearly 600,000 customers.

Contact information: Andreas Wahlström, Marketing Manager, Nordea Liv & Pension, +46 10 1563168

About Itello

Itello is a fintech company founded in 2003, which develops business systems and digital solutions for efficient administration of pensions, life insurance, and long-term savings. With our broad industry knowledge and skills in system development, we build new generation business systems and digital solutions for the pension and insurance industry. The future will be what we make of it.

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Our Customers: Nordea Life & Pension Sweden

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