Itello launches partner program to meet increased demand


Itello see a clear increase in demand for our products and services. By launching Itello Partner Program, we create options for our customers and opportunities for partners.

Itello Itello Launches Partner Program in order to increase ecosystem for our customers around the Itello products and services. Itello partners are companies that in different ways can complement or enhance our delivery or integrate its leading software Itello different products.
Itello ambition is to offer customers in the life and pension sector, the most complete, competent and cost-effective IT delivery through our market leadership Inca business and our product suite for digitization. At the same time, we see that a network of partners can add significant value to our products and services and thus to our customers. Therefore, based Itello activated a network of partners to give our clients new opportunities in the form of, for example:
· Complementary services that increase our delivery capacity
· New delivery models to the market, inclusive BPaaS and SaaS
· Complementary software that adds value to our product suite.
· IT infrastructure and IT operations for our product suite

We train our partners through Itello Academy. This enables the customer gets access to good skills regardless of who they work with. Itello certifies also complementary software partners that offer this.

There are currently four partner categories:
· Consultancy Services Partners
· Administrative Services Partners
· Complimentary Software Partners
· IT Infrastructure Partners

Read more and our categories.

  • February 3, 2017