AMF winner of the Trophy of the year 2016

AMF winner of the Trophy of the year 2016

AMF's groundbreaking and focused project to merge and migrate 5,000,000 insurance policies and halved costs for policyholders won the prestigious award of Itello's Trophy of the Year.

AMF - Jump to modern platform

How do you move five million pension insurance with a variety of different conditions? With the simplicity of an iPhone as a model, the company put together the individual customer's various insurance policies and gave them the latest and best conditions on the purchase. Then moved from the old mainframe system to a modern IT platform from Itello.

Proud team members from AMF after receiving the Trophy of the Year diploma

Good planning, trust to the participants and genres enabled the fast-paced implementation. The result: clarity and halved fees for customers and simpler administration of AMF.

​We want to pay attention to innovative projects and highlight the people behind

Over a year, Itello carries out many large and small projects with our customers. This year's trophy is a way to pay attention to the projects and the people who make a difference and give their customers a little more to live for. This year, there is also a huge variation between the various nominated projects, which shows the scope and scope of the projects we conduct with our customers. Employees at Itello have nominated projects and the jury has consisted of staff at Itello. Among the projects completed in 2016, the jury chose to nominate three projects. In addition to AMF, the following two projects were nominated.

Nordnet - Success creates new conditions

In Denmark, the individual is both aware and discerning in the choice of his own pension plan. Nordnet is strong in responding to this demand and is a star that shines brightly among its competitors!

For our customers, we are a long-term partner. We understand the client's complex reality and the importance of an overall perspective. Nordnet's successes created new conditions, so we have jointly streamlined the Danish pension business activities through simplifications and adaptation to local compliance compliance requirements.

Swedbank - Cross-border co-operation

How do you create additional synergies when you already have all the insurance in one and the same system? In 2013 Swedbank migrated three systems into one and became the winner of this year's trophy. It gave them several puzzles to streamline their operations in several dimensions. But a piece of puzzle was missing. During the year, application-oriented management was enhanced by nearshoring of operations in Stockholm and Vilnius in Lithuania.

Through the project, we have established effective collaboration between operations, application management and pure IT operations. A solidly integrated triangle delivers customer benefit and is based on a stable knowledge and value base. With a strong incentive and willpower, as well as clear guidelines, the goal was reached. On site in Vilnius and Stockholm, there is now a solid team with both genuine IT and expertise around Inca.

  • June 1, 2017