SPP wins the award Trophy of the Year 2017

Kristing Lindmark, CIO at SPP recieves the Trophy of year diploma from  Martin Sandén Itello 

SPPs replacement of trading platform for mutual funds won the prestigious award of the Trophy of the Year 2017 from Itello.

At Itello's annual summer pub, more than 180 people gathered from the industry to celebrate the summer and find out which of Itellos projects won the winning prize of the year's trophy.

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SPP - Future ensured Mutual fund trading

Mutual fund trading is undergoing a rapid and dramatic transformation. Increased demands, increased speed and price pressure implies both efficiency and speed to emerge as a winner. Within SPP, automation and digitalization are high on the agenda. As a start-off, they replaced the former fund trading system with Inca, creating a flexible and a future-proof engine for their fund distribution. Through the migration to Inca, SPP has created the prerequisites for a fund market that is easily accessible, automated and focused on offering a long-term customer value.

Future ensure Mutual fund trading pictured 

We want to pay attention to innovative projects and highlight the people behind

Over a year, Itello carries out many large and small projects together with our customers. Trophy of the Year is a way to pay attention to the projects and the people who make a difference and give their policyholders a little more to live for. This year, there is also a large variation between the various nominated projects, which shows the range and scope of the projects we conduct with our customers. Employees at Itello have nominated projects and the jury has consisted of the part of management team at Itello.

Among the projects completed in 2017, the jury chose to nominate two projects. In addition to SPP, Folksam once again had a project nominated for Trophy of the Year - this time for an innovative approach of acceptance testing of Inca.

Folksam - Innovative testing automation provides future-guaranteed quality and security

In an environment with increased expectations for faster delivery cycles, transparency and cost pressures, the need for testing efficiency increases.

By automating selected test streams, we have both released time for critical business resources and increased quality through higher test coverage and the ability to run repeatable automatic acceptance tests.

The keys to the successful project were close collaboration between the customer and Itello and a joint work with frequent reconciliation and demos to ensure that the solution is in line with the requirements of claimants. Itello, together with the customer, has created a platform that the customer can continue to use to expand their tests in line with new functionality, more insurance products and increased stocks.

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  • June 1, 2018