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Co-Operation and Governance Model


Itello has a well-established collaboration and governance model. Customer size determines the different forums and meeting frequency. We collaborate individually with each customer on three different levels.

Strategic level At the chief management level, there is a Strategic Forum, which meets 1-2 times a year and manages overall visions, strategies, decisions and follow-ups and also monitoring the overall goals within 12 to 36 months.

Tactical level Tactical Forum directs and controls the work at the tactical level. The main goal is to ensure the business objectives set by the parties jointly. The forum co-ordinates other tactical and operational forums, as well as projects. Architecture & Technology Forum is dealing with issues related to technology system architecture enabling customer understanding of how the products work to create an integration and use that becomes effective. Product Development Forum manages product planning, ie the presentation of the planned delivery schedule for the products.

Operational level Production & Operations Forum responsible for such place orders and prioritizes ongoing orders and handles questions about the daily business operations and performance of different types of services. Delivery Forum handles issues related to the new scheduled versions of the products so that they can be tested and installed smoothly and run in production without any distractions. Production and operating community manages operational production issues.

Common forum for all customers
Inca Executive Group
The purpose of the Inca Executive Group is at the strategic level, to discuss and plan the functional development of Itello products and cooperation in order to improve all parties' activities.

Standardisation Committee The main goal of the standardisation committee is to allow standardized long-term solutions for Itello products. This will be achieved by agreeing on common functions and procedures in the products and by creating common positions used in discussions with external parties that have a strong influence on Itello customers' operations.

Collaboration Projects Within the framework of our collaboration model, Itello operates with our customers participating in several projects aimed at developing a common standard functionality in Inca to meet market change. There may be new regulatory requirements or new market conditions through new procurement processes in the occupational pension area. At the moment we are running the following collaborative projects:


- IDD 1.1

- IFRS17

- Inca Web Services 2.0

- minPension Retirement Forecasts

-MisLife 2.0

- Improved transfer functionality (local Swedish requirement)

- Co-ordination number (before a personal identity number is set - local Swedish requirement)

- Improved death claim process

- Improved transferring process occupational pension plan SAF-LO (local Swedish requirement)

Concluded collaborative projects:

GDPR 1.1

-PAYE tax returns (local Swedish requirement)


- Occupational Pension Plan PA16 (local Swedish requirement)

- Information when transferring pension policies (local Swedish requirement)

- Refactoring of invoicing and payment functionality

Do you want to know more about how our collaboration models work, contact us!