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Folksam Life


Folksam is the market leader in many areas which gives them economy of scale and total customer engagement.
Therefore, the focus is, among other things, the individual pension plans and further strengthening their market position by using their own intermediaries via external channels. Itello delivers the IT-solutions that makes this possible.

5 key benefits of an industrywide system for life insurance

In a complex and changing world, analytical skill and thorough understanding of your business challenges are required. As all players in the industry are facing the same challenges, it makes sense to share the cost of an efficient policy administration and benefit from the expertise our professionals have. We offer this through our industrywide system for policy administration – Inca.

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Meet the nominees to Throphy of the Year 2017

Itello highlights the customer projects we conducted with our customers, which create more efficient administrative processes, lower costs and raise quality.

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Trophy of the year

Itello highlights the customer projects we conduct together, creating more efficient administrative processes, lowering costs and raising quality.
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The Mirror Effect

Can you really take things out of your drawer and leave them there at the same time? Yes, you can! Folksam used to have insurance products that required manual handling of outgoing payments. As the number of processed payments increased, the workload became too time consuming and costly. To increase speed and efficiency as well as customer satisfaction Folksam chose to use Inca for mirroring outgoing payments.

As a result, all the insurance policies could remain in the old system but be mirrored in the new and more user-friendly system for outgoing payments. This made administration faster, smoother and cheaper!

The Pilot project that went to the sky

The challenges were many and time was short when Folksam kicked off the project. The volumes of information were large and inefficient and laborious structures and routines needed to be replaced. Thanks to an aggressive and focused project plan, Folksam managed not only to receive and place premium payments more efficiently but also to create a new line of business. The project is a perfect example of how the use of Inca can enable a business reach new cruising altitude and land with easier daily operations for the users.