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Excellent digital customer experience is Nordnets motto. Itello builds the important foundation for Nordnet’s Nordic pension and insurance offering. All of Nordnets services are digital in order to make the dialog with the customer more efficient. Thanks to an early digitalization and automation, Nordnet was a cost efficient challenger from the start.

Nordnet featured in The CEO Magazine

Nordnet featured in The CEO Magazine“We are not only a bank, but we are an insurance company and every one that work in the business knows that re regulators are coming with a flood stream of new regulations – So that is one element of the challenges – to actually adopt all of those new

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Nordnet administers pension savings in Inca in three Nordic countries

Nordnet administers pension savings in Inca in three Nordic countriesNordnet already offers pension products in Sweden and Norway. Now the tour comes to Denmark. In May this year Nordic established a trading room and a sales office in Copenhagen. From today the investment in pension products has increased. The Danish pensions market is, just like the

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Trophy of the year

Itello highlights the customer projects we conduct together, creating more efficient administrative processes, lowering costs and raising quality.
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Efficient Nordic Alliance

Nordnet has pension operations in Sweden Norway and Denmark. To further increase its efficiency, Nordnet wanted to centralize all pensions and insurance products into one system. Sounds easy in theory but it is much more complicated in practice. Several administrative entities needed to be handled in the same system with each being subjected to different rules and regulations depending upon which country.

With all the prerequisites already built into the system, Inca was chosen, resulting in Nordnet now running the first multinational solution on the Inca platform.