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SPP – a part of Storebrand


An entirely digital occupational plan

SPP operates in the occupational pension market in Sweden and offers a wide range of sustainable pension products for businesses and individuals. For a long time, they have worked purposefully to invest the savings in a more sustainable direction that shapes better pensions and a better world to retire in. 

The Challenge

For many years, SPP has strived to become Sweden's leading digital occupational pension company. In 2015, SPP concluded that as the Nordic Insurance market is on the way to be disrupted, the outcome of analysis has been clear. They needed to implement a new core platform, redefine its place in the ecosystem and be more accessible for partnerships. 

The Solution

SPP began its significant change and digitisation journey by replacing non-flexible and outdated IT systems with Itello’s policy administration system Inca. Through the migration of existing insurance policies to a common modern IT platform, SPP gained access to integrations and automated processes, as well as the very best prerequisites for building future business. In addition, higher level of IT management, better pre-conditions for compliance and a more predictable cost-structure was achieved.

With the digital solutions from Itello, SPP is able to create efficient digital dialogs with intermediates and corporate as well as private customers. Furthermore, efficient integrations with partners are possible. Overall, a cost efficient administration ready to drive SPPs sustainable business forward is in place!

The Result

  • With the help of a brand new IT platform and a battery of digital innovations, SPP has managed to achieve an increase in new sales of 34 % over the past year. This is in a market that grows about 2 % annually. 
  • Since  2015, the fees and administration result have seen a significant increase up to 61 %.
  • The digitization process has resulted in a total cost decrease of 10 %.
  • Winner of the category "Digital project of the year" at CIO Awards 2019. 
  • Increased efficiency and automation in processes and routines.
  • Accelerate new offers and launch them on the market.
  • Improved and simplified internal control and compliance.
  • Strengthened ability to work in the industry's increasingly complex digital value chain.
  • Cost efficiency by using standardised solutions and IT support.

SPP’s 8th migration in the Future Core transformation project

In 2015, SPP embarked upon its great automation and digitisation journey by replacing a fragmented IT platform, consisting of a number of antiquated and inflexible IT systems, with Inca.

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Insurtech companies challenge the brokers

Never before has customer satisfaction been more miserable for the entire brokerage industry. It opens up a range of new players who have identified a potential “sweet spot” in the Swedish insurance market – distribution and distribution of insurance completely digital with simplicity and customer benefit in focus.

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The premiere for SPP’s entirely digital occupational pension plan

​Premiere for SPP’s entirely digital occupational pension planSPP – a Swedish life insurance company, is now launching Sweden’s first full-digital occupational pension offer. “A completely new IT platform and a battery of customer-friendly digital solutions lay the foundation for meeting the customers’ need for simplicity and flexibility,” says SPP’s CEO Staffan Hansén in a press

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Trophy of the year

Itello highlights the customer projects we conduct together, creating more efficient administrative processes, lowering costs and raising quality.
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Future ensured Mutual fund trading

Mutual fund trading is undergoing a rapid and dramatic transformation. Increased demands, increased speed and price pressure implies both efficiency and speed to emerge as a winner. Within SPP, automation and digitalization are high on the agenda. As a start-off, they replaced the former fund trading system with Inca, creating a flexible and a future-proof engine for their fund distribution. Through the migration to Inca, SPP has created the prerequisites for a fund market that is easily accessible, automated and focused on offering a long-term customer value.