Swedbank insurance has all their life insurance and pension products in one system- Inca. This creates cost advantages and synergies for both business operations and IT-management. Swedbank and the independent savings banks (Sparbankerna) provide distribution of one of the widest offerings of savings through their nationwide office network and Internetbank.

Swedish occupational pension procurement of ITP completed

13 life Swedish life insurance companies participated in the procurement of the new five-year agreement within the ITP agreement – today we found out which ten companies were selected.

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Follow up – Insurtech Conference 2017

Follow up – Insurtech Conference 2017Henrik Allert, Product Manager Digital Solutions at Itello was one of the participants on the international conference Insurtech wich was recently held in Vilnius, arranged by TechCity Lithuania. After the opening speech by Gediminas Visemicius, Swedbank IT, Sigitas Mitkus from the Ministry of Finance declared that Lithuania is transferring to the tech

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Trophy of the year

Itello highlights the customer projects we conduct together, creating more efficient administrative processes, lowering costs and raising quality.
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Live switch of system environments

Swedbank Life Insurance wanted to secure their system solutions and simultaneously decrease costs for system operations and management, IT environments, insurance administration and quality assurance. The chosen solution was to merge three legacy systems into one - Itello’s Inca. The demanding requirements and the need for secure handling of sensitive information, as well as the fact the migration had to be carried out amidst ongoing operations and be seamless and unnoticeable to customers made this a very challenging project. The result was nothing short of a work of art and today the insurances are administrated in a single system with high efficiency and security.

Algorithmic Portfolios

The project "Algorithmic Portfolios" was carried out in 2018 when the concept of algorithmic portfolios was identified as an important piece of the puzzle by Swedbank for the 2018 ITP procurement. Thanks to Inca's existing basic functionality, it was possible in a short time, and with a small intervention from Itello, to generate great business benefits for Swedbank. With support for algorithmically managed portfolios in Inca, Swedbank can now quickly and easily offer portfolios with more sophisticated methods for reducing the risk in the portfolio prior to retirement. Swedbank became one of the eligible companies in the 2018 ITP procurement in unit-linked insurance.