Find an Itello partner. Be an Itello partner.

In January 2017 Itello launched the Itello Partner Program with the aim to increase the ecosystem for our customers around Itellos products and services. Itello Partners are companies who in different ways can complement our implementation and consulting services offering or who can integrate their leading technologies or software with the Itellos product suite.

Itello's ambition is to offer our customers in the life insurance and pension industries the most complete, competent and cost-effective IT support by the market leading business system Inca and our Digitalisation product suite. However we also acknowledge the value that partners add to our products and services. We are therefore actively growing our partner ecosystem in order to give our customers choices:

· By providing services that deliver local domain expertise.
· By supporting our product suite, allowing us to drive value with open, non-proprietary standards.
· By offering complementary software and hardware extensions that add value to our products.

Through the Itello Academy, we train our partners. This ensures that regardless of who a customer works with, they are in a position to realize maximum benefit. Itello also officially recognizes partners providing complementary software and solutions.

Read more about our partner Cognizant!

Our customers are the leading life insurance companies in Sweden with high ambitions to automate their operations and embrace all opportunities with the digitisation in the society. Read more about our customers.

If you want to become one of our partners, please contact Johan Ehnbom.
If you are one of our clients, please contact Martin Sandén.