Our Products

Itello's business idea is based on two main offerings:

Our market-leading Policy Administration System Inca - for administration of pensions, insurance plans, and long-term saving
Our digitalisation platform, which consists of our products BLI, EQS, and PAF

This is how we think
Itello's ambition is to offer our customers in the life insurance and pension industries the most complete, competent and cost-effective IT support. The type of products and services our customers offer their end customers are often complex and also often have, (e.g. pension products) a life cycle that corresponds to a person's physical lifespan.

The industry is also known for stringent legal requirements, regulatory compliance and reporting requirements that change over time and are often mandatory via legislation. In addition, the industry is clearly affected by other external factors such as digitisation, which places new demands on our customers' ability to satisfy and communicate with their end customers and partners in various digital channels. In addition, it puts our customers in a complex digital value chain position which places demands on being able to effectively collaborate and exchange information with players such as intermediaries, selection centers, premium centers, payment processors and government agencies.

All of this places high demands on IT support which must be both robust and reliable over time while also supporting our customers by giving them the ability to efficiently adapt to different types of industry changes and customer requirements.