Expert Questioning System – EQS

We know that the industry is in great need of digital transformation. Too many processes and procedures today are still manual, paper-based and cumbersome. This is the case for both employees and customers. Here there's a great potential to both streamline your operations while creating a richer and simpler customer experience.

-E-health declaration
-Risk assessment
-Digital underwriting
-Financial advice

Platform for digital services

We enable this by building smart, user-friendly digital services with the help of our EQS platform. It is based in turn on an underlying advanced and competent rule engine (Expert Rule Engine). These services can then seamlessly embed into your existing digital channels such as customer portals and web applications with integration to business system solutions. You can use these digital services without using our Inca business system. But for those of our customers who use Inca, there are ready adaptors for seamless and efficient business processes. Below are examples of some of our pre-packaged services that we offer today. We are also able to help you develop custom solutions for your unique needs, whether you are using Inca or not. With our robust and flexible EQS platform as a basis, we continuously expand our offering of pre-packaged digital services that create value for you and your customers.

Digitised health declaration

Take the management of e-health declarations when signing risk insurances as an example. A process that is historically built on filling in paper forms which are then passed around among the various parties in the value chain. This often requires feedback from the customer for clarifications and additional information. An inefficient manual process that drives both costs and time wasting up, and not infrequently, customers get fed up and decide to not carry out their insurance purchase. In response to this challenge, we offer a solution for electronic health declarations and automated risk assessment. The end user will be guided through their health declaration via dynamic query surveys on the internet which allows for asking real-time complementary questions. With the risk assessment framework fully integrated, risk assessment is also automated. Only complicated cases are forwarded for manual handling. The solution can also be used for Tele-Underwriting and additional digital medical advice from the doctor/nurse.

Financial advice

With our digital service for Financial Advice, we help your consultants to guide their clients through advisory meetings. The service can be used both as a support tool for a physical meeting with the consultant, or as a fully-digitalised service that the customer can use, for example, when shown in your customer portal. With the help of a smart policy-driven dialogue, we see to it that all the necessary and relevant questions are asked to ensure that your business complies with current laws and regulations. It includes everything, from basic information, risk profile to knowledge. Moreover, based on the customer's individual profile, we can suggest a recommended approach to savings and adequate insurance products. With ready-made adapters to the Inca business system, we enable seamless integration and automatic establishment of the insurances and savings forms agreed upon with the customer (signing with Mobile BankID or other desired login method).

Please contact us and we will tell you more about how we can help you digitise your business and create greater customer satisfaction!