Our delivery model


Itello delivers our PAS – Policy Administration System – Inca, in four major releases per year, but mostly as partial deliveries in so-called Program Increments (PI) in accordance with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) framework. By creating a value stream focusing on delivering the right things as quickly as possible, Itello engages everyone involved to produce the value in a coherent chain. It is a win-win model that aims to give customers values early, as they will be able to test and provide feedback on the new functionality of initial PIs within a release. Customers also receive a much evener burden on their test and reception organisations.

For Itello, the development organisation gains increased involvement, productivity, and quality delivered by creating a holistic approach in less value and time-box deliveries with faster feedback.

Our digitalization products BLI, EQS, and PAF are delivered in accordance with what is known as continuous delivery mode, where short development cycles often deliver customer value.

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