Implementation of Inca

Itello has extensive experience from many implementation projects with various players in the Swedish pension and life insurance market. Sometimes it has involved very extensive projects and sometimes short-term, smaller projects - regardless, we, together with you the customer, have always succeeded!

Itello has a proven implementation method which contains check-lists and templates for all activities and deliverables throughout the project. These are customised to your existing templates and documentation methods.

Our application consultants know how to plan and run an implementation project in all phases and for all roles. We show what activities are needed, how the various deliverables look and are developed, as well as how to create a productive team spirit with your organisation in order to realise a transparent and optimised drive forward.

We work iteratively in each phase.

We think and work iteratively in each phase along with your operations staff and integrate your existing IT organisation/suppliers and our own development organisation when necessary. In smaller projects, we also adopt a fully agile approach where appropriate.

The projects are led by our experienced project managers who report to your steering committee.

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