Each migration is unique. Our consultants have extensive experience with migration at the bulk of customers and implement different approaches depending on the situation and ambition. With the help of well-developed methods and tools, we choose a strategy based on our fundamental mission, to realise maximum benefits for customers.

We have migrated everything from a few thousand to millions of insurance and pension plans. We can handle migrations in connection with new production starts or distribute over time. It may also involve ongoing migrations carried out continuously, in parallel with the ongoing production operation of existing systems, and which need to happen seamlessly where customers using internet banking and physical branches do not even notice the consequences of the change of system.

Migration always occurs in a process with several controlled steps.

How much of your history you want to include in the new systems is something you decide, we can handle everything from your company’s very first light of day if you so wish, but usually, you will find a suitable starting point. It has even happened that our migration projects have been nominated for IT Project of the Year in Sweden! Something we are very proud of and demonstrates our ability to implement successful migration projects.

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