Testing services

Everyone knows that quality is important. For us at Itello, this means everything from us ensuring the quality of all steps in our agile system, to us supporting our customers during their acceptance testing.

Our testing specialists are passionate about the testing and have, with their combination of business knowledge, test methodology and technology, a unique mix of skills for our industry.

A world with increased expectations for faster delivery cycles, transparency and decreasing costs, causes an increased need for testing efficiency. We meet this need with a structured approach to risk-based tests based on business needs. Since everything we do is characterised by long-term thinking, re-usability is also a given in our tests.

We look at testing from a holistic perspective. We know that one needs to implement various test type in all phases and levels of implementation projects, management, product development and acceptance.

We also know which test techniques best fit within each test level. This is in terms of what should be tested and how it should be tested in each phase.

In order to, in the best way, provide support for the implementation of everything to do with testing at customers, we offer a number of services.

Testing services:
– Development of testing data
– Testing automation
– Testing support
Testing management
Testers on-site at the customer
– Product-adapted testing tools
– Management of testing environments

Contact us to take advantage of our entire range of services.

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