"Expert underwriting"

Expert underwriting

Itello is automating the complete underwriting process – saving time and costs for the customers

“Automate the underwriting process with an expert underwriting engine? But underwriting has always been done the same way!”

This is a statement that underwriters have made since the introduction of expert underwriting engines in the 1990’s. Here they are just referring to the initial underwriting process. The underwriting process from start to finish is still not joined up, requiring manual stages along the way. A true expert underwriting platform will take you further, providing complete underwriting automation in one solution, and this is what Itello is now developing. The solution will mean great savings in both time and costs for the insurance companies.

We have written a series of articles about the redefined process of underwriting based on your role in the company. Enjoy the reading and share the information with your colleagues!

A rewarding customer sales experience

Expert underwriting For many customers the thought of the sales process to buy their life or other protection insurance needs can be a daunting prospect. The length of time that it takes to complete the purchase can seem never-ending. But it doesn’t need to feel such a burden. Today’s technology and digital tools can considerably […]

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Is the current online model still fit for purpose?

Expert underwriting After a century of the old manual sales advice process where the customer always spoke with an advisor of some type before buying life insurance, the evolutionary path of online technology moving into the 21st century moved the buying experience on. But the speed of evolution in this field has picked up, so […]

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Why defining the underwriting process meets the needs and the business

Expert underwriting Since the introduction of expert underwriting engines there has been plenty of time for the market to be saturated with solutions, but strangely enough this is not the case. You can count the number of true expert underwriting engines being used on the fingers of your hand. One of the main reasons for the lack of expert underwriting engines is […]

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Where the automated solution meets the business

Expert underwriting To be at the forefront of today’s fast moving insurance industry, it has become a number one priority to create a user friendly and reliable tool for automated on-line underwriting. Itello has developed a solution which will keep both the customers and the underwriters happy. Unlike the parts that make up an administration platform, which are easily defined where they meet […]

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What is good for the underwriters is good for companies

Expert underwriting A reliable automated on-line underwriting process is beneficial for all parties. It will save both time and money for the insurance companies, the underwriters and above all, the customers. Underwriting has always been a part of the insurance industry, because risk products need to be underwritten. In life and health insurance this is particularly important due to the high risk amounts that can […]

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