"The Nordic Accident & Health insurance market"

The Nordic Accident & Health insurance market

The market for Nordic Accident and health insurance is facing major changes. Many actors are moving from beeing focused on savings to now going back to the roots of the insurance company – to share  the risk collectively. We are living for longer and longer and have greater requirements of an active life as pensioners and employers are showing increasingly greater interest in quickly getting back their employees after illness. These are two driving forces creates the need for more efficient administration even within the health  and life insurance area. Follow our monitoring of the market and take part in the dialogue by commenting on our articles!

Seven Benefits of Automated Underwriting

The Nordic Accident & Health insurance market Automated underwriting holds the promise of better process flow, higher customer service levels, enhanced agency communications, improved tracking, more consistent underwriting decisions, faster throughput, and better mortality — all leading to the opportunity for significantly higher profits. For those companies still unconvinced of the business value, a cursory […]

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Digital Underwriting – is the future already here?

The Nordic Accident & Health insurance market The design and innovation firm Fjord present some major trends they believe will transform what we do, their clients’ business, and ultimately, the way we live, in Fjord’s Annual Trends. One of them, Digital Underwriting attract our interest. Fjord state “The most interesting dynamic to watch could be insurance startups: we’ll […]

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The number of healthcare insurances is growing

The Nordic Accident & Health insurance market The market for healthcare insurances is expanding. It is primarily employers who are taking bigger responsibility for their employees. Now we see that many associations also want to strengthen their relations with members by offering insurances. But the need of a risk assessment basis from health declarations creates […]

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The actors believe in concentration of the value chain in the field of Accident & Health insurance

The Nordic Accident & Health insurance market The Swedish insurance market is looking for new possibilities for income – back to the roots – to share the risk between insurers within the area of accident & health insurance.  The interest in Swedish for accident & health  insurance products among producers as well as distributors has […]

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