"The Nordic Long Term Savings Market"

The Nordic Long Term Savings Market

The Nordic area have a long history of combining saving and insurance. Over the years we have seen both saving products as well as insurance products adressing the need of setting aside some part of your income for the days as pensioner.

Now FATCA is also introduced in Sweden

The Nordic Long Term Savings Market FATCA is an American law which obligates financial institutions throughout the world to identify American account holders among their customers and report their assets and revenues to the American tax authorities. Financial institutions that do not comply with FATCA risk being forced to pay 30 per cent in tax […]

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Who wins in the new ITP procurement?

The Nordic Long Term Savings Market The parties chose to make a further procurement, which means that the policyholder who chose a company which is no longer selectable must make an active choice to stay. Alecta will be the winner and will receive new premiums for the next five years. At best, customers who chose […]

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The Nordic market in 2011 – by company

The Nordic Long Term Savings Market Ever since we began following the competition-exposed Nordic market, premiums have continuously increased. From 219 MSEK 2003 to 382 MSEK 2011  the increase is almost 75 per cent. Endowment insurance accounts for a large part of the increase in Sweden. Nordnet and Avanza have together brought in MSEK 119,500 since endowment […]

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