"The Strategic Partnership"

The Strategic Partnership

Today, our world increasingly changing and the demands we face are more contradictory.
• Transaction costs are going down – it requires standardization of products
• We need to be able to offer our customers tailor-made solutions – it requires flexibility
• Demands for greater transparency – the desire not to show how the revenues generated
• Supplier selection – platform for freedom to always choose the most optimal solution and reduce prices or strategic partnership for the benefit of both

The list of conflicting requirements and prioritised raquirement can be made longer but clearly demonstrates the challenges of business in the market for life insurance and for long-term savings. In the center of the contradictory requirements and amidst the clutter of needs and changes are Itello. The strategic partnership is the need to develop cooperation arrangements between insurance companies and someone to be able to handle both current and future business challenges. That someone is Itello for our customers.

5 key benefits of an industrywide system for life insurance

In a complex and changing world, analytical skill and thorough understanding of your business challenges are required. As all players in the industry are facing the same challenges, it makes sense to share the cost of an efficient policy administration and benefit from the expertise our professionals have. We offer all our customers this through our industrywide system for policy administration – Inca. It is the new way of Insurance Contract Administration. Improving your business is the starting point of all our efforts preparing our customers to tackle their challenges.

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It is rellay about the customer

The Strategic Partnership According to the report, “high performers in it are consolidating the noticeable lead that they have opened up in recent years. Not only are they finding novel ways to optimize—holding down costs and streamlining processes across their organizations—but they are also actively driving innovation and top-line growth. Increasingly, they are central to […]

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New business models challenge the established players

The Strategic Partnership At the Business Model Summit 2012 we heard many stories about how new business models are underestimated by the leading and established players. When it comes to changing their business models and value offering things often run late. To adapt their business models and value offering it is necessary to start on […]

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Crisis creates cooperation for survival!

The Strategic Partnership News from the year’s big car show in Geneva makes us wonder whether the insurance industry can start thinking along the same lines. Who would have thought a few years ago that American GM with its European brand Opel-Vauxhall would approach French PSA Peugeot Citroën? Or that Daimler would increase its cooperation […]

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Agile development at Itello – what it means for our customers?

The Strategic Partnership Last week Computer Sweden wrote about agile development and how Itello makes use of scrum. Dmitry Palagi and Jacob Funck, Developer and Director of Development at Itello respectively explained in the article about the advantages and disadvantages of this approach. And they emphasised that it is the people who make it work not the method itself. But what […]

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