Collaboration project aims to create a new standard for pension prognosis calculations and open communication standard

Itello collaborates on several levels with its customers regarding the creation and integration of the Swedish pension hub minPension (my pension) upcoming service on improved pension forecasts.

The new service minPension's aims to provide is in-depth information regarding pension forecasts to those who want to retire soon or who are considering retiring. The purpose is for the service to give them a better overview and tangible help in pension planning. The idea is that the service should also be used if you have started to withdraw your pensions and want to see the future payments, or if you're going to make new withdrawal choices.

The service becomes available one year before the first possible retirement withdrawal and at the earliest when a Swedish citizen turns 54 years old.

Itello's customers together form a large and significant partner when minPension develops future standards for pension forecast calculation, an open standard for communication between minPension and the life insurance company.

In this effort, Itello has taken on a project-leading role, while customers have been committed to providing their resources. Some customers take an active part in the work, and others take a seat in the reference group that meets regularly to get information about the project and discuss the issues that arise during the work.

In addition to the identified technical and computational issues, significant focus is alligned on adapting the flow of the process to the business of all Itello's customers and providing their customers with the best conditions for making informed decisions before retirement.

 Together with our customers, Itello takes on the task by working together with minPension to create a solution for our customers' forecasting of future pensions and the process that the individual goes through before one of life's most important decisions.

Customer Collaboration

Itello has a well-established collaborative model with our customers, which has been recognized by the analysis companies Gartner and Celent. Collaborative models operate at a strategic, tactical and operational level. Together with our customers, we set the framework for our continued management and development of Inca. Through our collaboration model, our customers ensure that they can be successful in their business and business development and maintain a cost-effective administration of their core business.