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Inca Connectivity Framework boosted by customer collaboration

Our customers are all running digital transformation projects. Digital services that were groundbreaking yesterday are everyday staples today. With this collaboration project that started in February 2019, we are focusing on how our web services, Inca Web Services will be used and consumed in the future.

Our general design principle for developing Web Services has been to expose as much as possible of the data model in Inca. Today, we expose over 500 web services. However, to further simplify the usage and increase the benefit of these services, it is now time to review the framework of our Web Services and to improve documentation. The success of digital and automated straight-through processing has generated some potential jams ahead that we want to address.

The refactoring of Inca Web Services to a second generation in collaboration with our customers sets a new paradigm for our collaboration projects. Often, they focus on how Inca and Itello can help our customers to stay regulatory compliant despite regulatory changes. This project, however, discusses technological trends and architecture, disrupted value chains etc.

The overall outcome of the collaboration project is:

  • A review of the architectural framework
  • Auto-generated documentation of the Inca data model also covering Inca Web Services combined with a new Inca User Guide.
  • To make each Web Service call more comprehensive, to reduce the necessity of calling a large number of services for logically connected information.
  • To increase the traceability of services consumed by external partners in the eco-system by implementing External ID
  • To enable better direct validation possibilities in UIs, based on rules and domains configured in Inca.

As a result of the collaboration project and the increasing interest in exposing the data model in Inca, we also have the ambition to develop and document a parallel REST API.

The collaboration project members will also be looking forward into the future and prioritise what services will be consumed and how. Basically, what will our customers enable as self-serving services at their portals for tied agents and for benefit managers at corporate clients?

Open API is delivering customer value

Inca is designed to be integrated into your business, with different players in the life and pension industry and to allow you to create your unique customer dialogues. The open interfaces jointly develop opportunities for automation and digitalisation of the industry of the industry-specific need forward by creating standardised interfaces. Most recently, in a collaboration project with Swedish pension hub minPension.

Inca Web Services is a part of Inca Connectivity Framework

Both our customers and analyst firms like Gartner and Celent appreciate our openness of the system. One example of how Inca Web Services are consumed tighter with other APIs in Inca Connectivity Framework is the way the Swedish life and pension company SPP launched their entire digital occupational pension plan earlier 2019.

The perfect forecast

Thanks to a joint integration project between minPension, Itello and our customers a new interface (communication standard open) has been developed. The new interface enables communication to send requests to initiate pension prognosis calculations at the insurer and communication of information back to minPension.

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The premiere for SPP’s entirely digital occupational pension plan

​Premiere for SPP’s entirely digital occupational pension planSPP – a Swedish life insurance company, is now launching Sweden’s first full-digital occupational pension offer. “A completely new IT platform and a battery of customer-friendly digital solutions lay the foundation for meeting the customers’ need for simplicity and flexibility,” says SPP’s CEO Staffan Hansén in a press

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Customer collaboration

Itello has a well-established collaborative model with our customers, which has been recognized by the analysis companies Gartner and Celent. Collaborative models operate at a strategic, tactical and operational level. Together with our customers, we set the framework for our continued management and development of Inca. Through our collaboration model, our customers ensure that they can be successful in their business and business development and maintain a cost-effective administration of their core business.

Inca Connectivity Framework

Itello proved a Connectivity Framework in Inca consisting of different components depending on the type of integration and data/information. We have divided the business need into two areas, Connectivity and Digitalisation – both hot spots for every insurer today.

- Inca Web Services
- Inca Integration Hub
- Inca Integration Framework

- Inca Web Services
- Inca Portal Application Framework