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As representative for the insurance industry, Itello is proud to be part of the Nordic Health Resolution, which was produced as an outcome of the Health100 unconference. Take part of the 11 areas that were addressed and discussed during Health100, as well as key takeaways, action points and discussions on how to develop healthcare in the future. Read more in the Nordic Health Resolution. 

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It was earlier this year, on October 2nd, that 100 selectively invited executives and influencers gathered at the Nordic Health100 conference in Helsinki for an open and creative discussion on the topic of the future of Nordic healthcare. Henrik Allert, Strategic Product Management representing Itello, provided insights of the future of insurance, focusing on the evolving digital ecosystem around life and health insurance industry that we believe will grow and be more tightly connected to the health and medical industries, sharing relevant data and business processes. Furthermore, those ecosystems will most probably blend together, opening up for new products, services and business models.

The participants at the Health100 conference covered a broad spectrum of competencies and industries spanning traditional healthcare, pharma, life science, digital health, well-being and insurance. The ultimate goal was to share best practices, think ahead of time and current constraints and to find the best solutions for future healthcare.

I am really humbled and grateful that myself and Itello, together with peers from other industries, are all a part of shaping the future of the Nordic healthcare industry. This is well-aligned with the mission of Itello to contribute to a better society.

Henrik Allert Strategic Product Management/Itello

About the Nordic Health Resolution

The Nordic Health Resolution was produced as an outcome of the Health100 unconference organised by Upgraded Health Startup Association on October 2nd 2019 in Hanasaari culture and conference center. This paper presents a summary of the key takeaways and action points, which were raised and discussed by the guests in Health100, on how to develop healthcare in the future.

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