Movestic empowers personalized and long-term sustainable fund offerings 

Due to accelerated digitalization and higher customer expectations for personalized products and services, Movestic increased the number of funds as well as the breadth of fund offerings last year to better meet individual needs*. 20 new funds were added to Movestic’s offering and this work will continue in 2021.

* according to a recent news release published by Movestic.

Today, it is clear that customers request funds that reflect their own values and interests, as well as their appetite for risk. Sustainability, especially climate and environment, is in focus and there is for example a great interest in funds with clear goals for carbon dioxide emissions, according to Movestic. All funds added to their offering in 2020 have therefore some form of sustainability profile.

Together Itello and Movestic have worked to develop functionality dealing with previous complex and cumbersome, labor intensive administrational processes in fund order management. Inca now enables Movestic to extend its range of unit-linked funds in their investment assortment with much easier and smoother processes.

By utilizing the highly automated fund order management capabilities within Inca with automated fund order trading and routing, liquidity optimization and individualized cut-off times, Movestic has been able to extend their fund assortment without adding any administrational burden or risk.

With the help of Inca, Movestic can ensure they meet the increasing need for more personalized products and offerings through digital channels that attract its customers. Today as well as in the future!

  • February 8, 2021